Stories written by Eastern Writers Group members and competition entrants (just click on them)

Barbados – Ruth Robertson
Ben’s dog – Brian le Marquand
Clootie’s craft – Robert Dalvean
Chooser – Maggie Clark
Crazy or not – Marie Parkins
Eccentricities – Sandra Topp
I am not a muse – Denise Probert
I forgot – Johan Luidens
The ballad of Kenny Mudford – Lissa Mitchell
Losing things – Sandra Topp
The murder of Auntie’s wardrobe – Robert Dalvean
Old Kitten on the keys – Sandra Topp
Perfect pieman and the case of the incomplete invoice – Jane Schell White
Poste restante – Robyn Winter
Quasimodo’s paradox, a mathematical love story – Michelle Lopert
The revenant of South-East Station – Robert Dalvean
Sammy’s certificates – Garry Hurle
Screaming is a health hazard – James Vanselow
Stalin or The annoying phone call . . . – Rebecca Dempsey
Take me – I’m yours – Jim Murphy
Too cocky by half – Maria Quinn
Wolves – Judith Buckingham