On a sixty-fifth birthday

By Robert Guy Kemp

When people reach the age of sixty-five
They wonder should they die or stay alive.
The meat of life is largely gone and now
The bones remain to make use of – but how?

Some take on unpaid work.  Some take the sun,
Play golf, engorge and do what has been done.

For me all this but also so much more:
To try whatever’s not been tried before.
I’ll have success.  Or failure.  Who can tell?

Whatever comes I’ll take and shake it well.
Each freshly minted day is mine to use –
I hope I’m cursed with options hard to choose.

Retired, relieved, resolved – a birthday king
Who just can’t wait to see what life may bring.


Retired, relieved, resolved – a birthday queen
Who’s yet to learn what life can really mean.