Lion tamer

By Linda Brinckman

He tried to tame the Lions,
Make them touchable to man.
They think they can control him
And hold a roar
In human hands.

But this is raw emotion,
Something Pure and Light and Fierce,

And no amount of drugs or love can cage
this Creature’s fears.


It’s a fragile line, a vicious soft, a heartbeat’s tick away.
A moment when nature unveils
and Vengeance has its day.

This was never meant to be.
This was not the deal you had with me.
It’s not right, This fight is  unfair,
as you claim victory over the
Mimicry you inflict,
the majesty you reduce
To a circus act,
a sad-faced clown,
And all the sadistic at heart flock to
this circus town.
This one-man show,
Following the line of his nose
Seeing things that don’t even exist
the ring of fire room

Pushing, pushing, pushing
Just another little bit for me.
One more trick,
Another impossible feat
stolen from under your very eyes,
Scared out of your lion’s mind!