Green poems

By Sue Worley

1. Keep our home alive

Oh no, I can’t breathe. What’s happening to me?
There’s just so much dust from here to the sea.
I think it’s the men prospecting for oil
They’re choking our land, taking out all the soil,
Destroying our Earth with their diggers and hoes.
They cut down the trees; dam the river that flows
To the sea; make our Earth cry out for her soul.
Please do what you can. Please make our home whole.
Please care for our trees, our land and our air.
Let them grow and develop: new life everywhere.
Give hope to our children, and their children too
And so on, for ever, eternity through.


2. Saving our World

Wind in the trees, rain on the road,
The buzzing of bees, the hop of a toad.
All part of Nature, that system of life
That gives us new hope; that eases our strife.
We’re callous and heartless to life everywhere.
Why can’t we be gentle, give nurture and care?
Before very long it’ll all be too late
To alter the damage. To love, not to hate.
Let’s stop all the harm and cherish our Earth
She gives us our life so give her new birth.
Look to our future and not be deceived.
Protect generations not yet conceived.