All the fun of the autumn fair

By Sue Worley

Bright lights, raucous music,
Fairy floss and frying onions.
Children squealing, happy faces,
Traffic snarls – who cares?

Streets blocked, pavements crowded,
Dodgem cars, ghost trains.
Scary rides high in the air,
Spinning waltzers, Wall of Death.

Unshaven men in leather jackets
Fixing motors on the rides.
Babes in pushers clutching teddies,
Brassy women on the gates.

Grandmas, toddlers, teenage dropouts,
Junkies looking for a fix.
Sad and lonely drunks in doorways,
It’s a real eclectic mix.

But the cakewalk; oh, the cakewalk,
That’s my favourite part of all.
Try to stand, sliding sideways
Like walking on a greasy pole.

Hold on tight; oops, not that way,
Forwards, backwards, who knows where?
Keep on smiling, it’s not easy.
Concentrate and you’ll get there.

Fathers, daughters, friends and lovers,
Everybody striving hard
To stand upright, keep their balance,
Just like every day in life.

Now it’s gone; gone ’til next year.
The streets are back the way they were.
But I know I’m always walking
The cakewalk of life from the Autumn Fair.